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Toppe Borettslag

Nordre Toppe 41, 5136 Mjølkeråen


(+47) 55 18 10 93

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The board and employees:

Chairman/Contact Person:

Lilly Ekroll

Deputy chairman:

Espen Toppe Johannessen

Board members:

Harald Bontveit

Viktoria Kolchina

David Macharia Wanjama


Stig Strømmen

Paul Henrik Jacobsen


Eirik Tonning

Mob: 95223645

Board Secretary:

Tone K.V. Olsen
mob: 95938632

Caretaker's office:

Teamleader Camilla Folkestad mob: 40036442

Caretaker Jan-Erik Ryver mob: 95274114

Caretaker assistant Tom A. Melkevik mob: 91766483

Caretaker assistant Erik Vabø Hatland mob: 47454965


Finn H. Olsen

Finance Controller:

Elin Hestdahl